TWIST Film Festival Trailers

I’ve created the trailers for Seattle’s Queer Film Festival on three separate occasions: 2007, 2012 and 2017. Each time was a fantastic creative and collaborative experience.

For 2007, I created three separate vignettes that featured a community theater company, led by Camille Schwartzbaum (Artemis Pebdani) as they brainstormed ideas for new musicals based on popular movies. Episodes included gay bears auditioning for a SHOWGIRLS adaptation; lesbians singing and dancing to TOP GUN; and drag queens workshopping a variety of ideas. After the fest was over, I cut all three vignettes into one short, KING COUNTY, which played at numerous festivals worldwide including Frameline and Outfest. It was also broadcast on LOGO.

2012’s trailer followed a similar concept, but this time the series follows a group of friends as they play a “celebrity” type party game where participants have to act out moments from popular queer film. The short I created from this series is titled SCENESTERS and was also programmed at Outfest.

The theme for the 2017 festival was “Be Seen” so I decided to take a more traditional, visual approach. The trailer featured members of Seattle’s queer community in different vignettes around the city. I was inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s use of geometric, wide angle frame compositions.


2017 TWIST Festival Trailer

2007 Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Fest Trailer

2012 Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival Trailer