Lonely Planet Promo Videos

I shot and edited this short promotional video for West of Lenin’s production of Lonely Planet, a two-person play about the early days of the AIDS epidemic.

Located in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, West of Lenin is a small black box theater that specializes in intimate productions like Lonely Planet. Internationally produced playwright and director Steven Dietz got his start in Seattle and returned twenty five years after first staging Lonely Planet at ACT . The play features Michael Winters (Gilmore Girls) as Jody, a role that Dietz originally wrote for him.

West of Lenin wanted to create a promo video that described the plot and themes of Lonely Planet but also provided some historical context behind the play’s creation. Producer Rachael Brister and I came up with a short list of questions to ask Dietz and the actors and, from there, we were able to craft the message of the video. The result feels unscripted and emotionally authentic.

I also created the animated chairs graphic using the key art created for the poster and made sure that all the fonts and titles matched the overall branding of the production. A 30 second version also ran in a variety of online platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

David’s creative eye, professionalism and attention to detail were exactly what was needed to shoot and edit a succinct and impactful video. My client was extremely happy with the finished product and I was able to use the video in multiple marketing channels to drive interest in and ticket sales for the run of the play.”
— Rachael Brister, Producer/Publicist