David Quantic - Editor & Filmmaker

It's easy to get overwhelmed after production on a narrative or documentary project is completed and the enormity of the editor's task begins to come into focus; however, like most puzzle nerds, I love the process of wrangling footage, shaping a message and collaborating with the client in order to zero in on a message that will resonate with targeted audiences. And putting titles, music and motion graphics in the mix is just icing on the cake for me.

If you have a project that needs editing, contact me and we'll make a game plan on how to cross the finish line on time with a product that we're all proud of. Contact me HERE.

Recent clients include local institutions like Seattle’s West of Lenin theater company and queer/bar as well as remote clients like Good American, Olam and NewFest: New York's LGBTQ Film Festival (in collaboration with Ogilvy Advertising.)

In addition to freelance editing, I'm also an independent producer and videographer for a variety of professional and personal projects. 

My most recent personal project is a documentary short titled A SUBLIME FAILURE. It's about writer and essayist David Schmader's obsession with the notorious Hollywood flop, SHOWGIRLS. It premiered this Fall at Seattle's Local Sightings Film Festival.

I also teach Narrative Filmmaking and Editing at Northwest Film Forum, a non-profit film and arts center here in Seattle.